2024 Photographic Competition

The Scottish Orchid Society is a member of The British Orchid Council and each year they run a photographic contest. All affiliated orchid societies can enter up to 10 photographs from their members submissions. Here you can view all our members photographs from which 10 will be chosen to go forward to the competition. We are currently voting on which photographs we will enter, and this process should be completed by the 30th March.

To view the picture gallery, click on any image and then you will be able to scroll through the album. For information on the orchid, if not displayed, click on the (i) button in the gallery controls and to display the original image click on the ‘open image in original size’ button

Picture 1: Thunia gattonensis
Photograph 2 Dendrobium bullenianum
Photograph 3: Phalaenopsis pulcherrima 4N Red
Photograph 4: Disa Marguerite Kettler
Photograph 5: Aspasia lunata
Photograph 6: Oncidium roseoides with pollinator
Photograph 7: Pleione formosana alba
Photograph 8: Paphiopedilum NoID
Photograph 9: Paphiopedilum Bernice 'album' x Paphiopedilum sanderianum 'Bionic Man'
Photograph 10: Dendrobium delicatum
Photograph 11: Vanda NoID
Photograph 12: Coelogyne mooreana 'Magnifica'
Photograph 13: Masdevallia ignea
Photograph 14: Vanda Motes Adorbs
Photograph 15: Anguloa Wyld Chalice
Photograph 16: Cymbidium Green Arrow
Photograph 17: Thunia gattonensis
Photograph 18: Stanhopea
Photograph 19: Cymbidium erythrostylum
Photograph 20: Paphiopedilum Moon Maid
Photograph 21: Phalaenopsis NoID
Photograph 22: Anguloa Isabelle
Photograph 23: Habanaria medusae
Photograph 24: Miltoniopsis Pink Cadillac
Photograph 25: Ascocenda I-senaghai x Vanda Adisak
Photograph 26: Ascocenda I-senaghai x Vanda Adisak
Photograph 27: Cattlianthe Sagarik Wax 'Fragrant Sky'
Photograph 28: Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song
Photograph 29: Brassocatanthe Empress Worsley
Photograph 30: Paphiopedilum Harold Koopowitz
Photograph 31: Catasetum pileatum
Photograph 32: Coelogyne nitida
Photograph 33: Rossioglossum grande
Photograph 34: Dendrobium
Photograph 35: Cymbidium
Photograph 36: Bee on an orchid
Photograph 37: Bee on an orchid
Photograph 38: Pleione Wharfedale 'Pine Warbler'
Photograph 39: Cymbidium Green Valley 'Emerald Tri-Lips'
Photograph 40: Ascocentrum miniatum x Doritis pulcherrima
Photograph 41: Paphiopedilum tranlienianum
Photograph 42: Coelogyne Unchained Melody
Photograph 43: Galeandra baueri
Photograph 44: Epidendrum parkinsonianum
Photograph 45: Epipactis helleborine
Photograph 46: Vanda NoID
Photograph 47: Cymbidium Hybrid
Photograph 48: Vanda in Florida
Photograph 49: Cattlianthe Little Hazel
Photograph 50: Dactylorhiza
Photograph 51: Cattleya intermedia
Photograph 52: Dendrobium kingianum
Photograph 53: Laelia anceps
Photograph 54: Pleurothallis marthae
Photograph 55: Rhyncholaeliocattleya Ports of Paradise
Photograph 56: Oncidium Titanium Treasure
Photograph 57: Rhynchostele bictoniense
Photograph 58: Rhynchostele bictoniense
Photograph 59: Cymbidium Loch Heilen 'Brickyards'
Photograph 60: Cymbidium Loch Heilen 'Brickyards'
Photograph 61: Paphiopedilum Amerikanos
Photograph 62: Cymbidium Mavourneen 'Jester'
Photograph 63: Cymbidium Mavourneen 'Jester'
Photograph 64: Oncidium alexandrae
Photograph 65: Dendrobium aphyllum
Photograph 66: Pleurothallis phalangifera 'Blackadder'
Photograph 67: Elleanthus amethystinus
Photograph 68: Coelogyne ecarinata
Photograph 69: Coelogyne ecarinata
Photograph 70: Coelogyne cristata
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