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Orchids occupy almost every conceivable type of habitat except the ocean and represent one of the largest families of flowering plants in the world. This fascinating plant family is so large you will be able to find varieties to suit your growing conditions. Many orchids make wonderful house plants and some remain in flower over a long period of time.

Our members range from beginners to enthusiasts with many years experience. Some grow their plants successfully on their windowsills at home and others may cultivate a larger collection in a greenhouse or conservatory.

We offer you a varied and interesting programme of events. Experienced growers will deliver presentations about orchid growing that will inform, inspire and entertain you. We also have sessions where you will learn about basic cultivation and watering techniques, repotting methods and pest and disease control. Experienced members are always happy to give you advice. Our meetings are friendly informal occasions with time for socialising, sharing growing tips, receiving advice from other members and enjoying tea or coffee and cake. The monthly raffle often offers flowering orchid plants as prizes.

Before every meeting you will receive a copy of our very informative Edinburgh Newsletter which will give you detailed information about the guest speaker at the next meeting, the programme of events, growing tips and other information about orchid related issues in the local area.

All levels of expertise are welcome and attendance at your first meeting is free.

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2020 - 2021 Programme

The Edinburgh Branch used to meet in Dobbies Garden Centre in Lasswade but, following the Covid19 pandemic, their management have decided that they were no longer willing to allow the Branch to hold their meetings there. We are currently looking for new premises to hold future meetings so please keep referring to the website for updated information. In the meantime because physical meetings are not allowed under the current Scottish Government guidelines the Society is holding monthly ZOOM meetings.

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Robert Jones
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Branch meetings have been cancelled until further notice. This page will be updated as and when the situation changes.